Water Leak Damage Repair Edinburgh

Water Leak Damage can cause serious damage to your property if left unattended. If you suffer a water Leak from Leaking pipes or water ingress that gets under your hardwood flooring or Laminate Flooring causing water damage, fortunately you should be able to make a water leak insurance claim.

Trace And Access

Trace Locate A Leak | Trace and Access are common insurance terms when there has been some form of water damage and you need to trace and locate the source of the leak. Most common problems being a leaking mains pipe, leaking radiator pipe, or leaking waste pipe, these types of plumbing leaks can go undiscovered for long time and cause all sorts of water damage and can cause structural damage, resulting in costly repairs

Trace And Locate

If you are unfortunate to have a water leak, it is worthwhile checking your insurance policy to see if you have Trace Locate A Leak | Trace and Access cover. This can save you having to pay to trace the leak. Joiners In Edinburgh Services will prepare a full written report on identifying the water leak for you to send onto your insurer, if you have Trace and Locate A Leak | Trace and Access cover your insurer should pick up the cost’s

Water Leak Detection

In insurance terms it’s called an “escape of water” but for our customers it’s a burst pipe, a boiler losing pressure or a high water bill…a nuisance that hinders normal life. There is no single ‘water leak detector’  we use a number of methods to accurately find a water leak. If You Have A Water Leak We will find It!  We normally work on a flat fee basis so there is no surprises and you no the cost upfront, Normally your Insurance company Will Pay

Water Leak Damage

Joiners In Edinburgh deal with a lot of water leak repairs relating to Bathroom Floor Water Damage due to faulty bath seals and leaking pipes we also deal with a lot of Kitchen Floor Water Damage insurance claims due to leaking washing machines and faulty plumbing.
Joiners In Edinburgh are a complete all trades service that deal with all Water Damage Insurance Claims whether it be a wet plasterboard ceiling, Water damaged Floorboards that require water leak damage repairs Our trusted and experienced Edinburgh Joiners have carried out thousands of Insurance property repairs over a period of 30 years and have the experience and the expertise to deal with your Insurance Claim.

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